Dry-Cleaner Business: The Future Of This Growing Industry

Dry – Cleaning is a very interesting business. Many people think that it is a not very attractive sector because… well its cleaning others’ stuff. Why do I say it is an interesting sector? Because you cannot see the beauty in it at first glance, it is not common, you have to make research to ….  Read More

Unlocking the value of data in advertising

Manzoni partners with Accenture to reinforce its leadership position in advertising, leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence. Leading Italian publisher, GEDI Group, and its advertising sales agency, Manzoni, have committed to becoming a data-driven company. A deep advertising transformation program is helping them adopt new digital models, both in the traditional and digital ….  Read More

The Future Home in the 5G Era

Overview As the global pandemic has demonstrated, your home has become a new digital hub as important as your mobile device. The Future Home in the 5G Era provides a look into the window of how consumer lives will change tomorrow and a roadmap for companies to make 5G hyper-connected living a reality when we ….  Read More

How 5G can transform the movie-going experience 

RESEARCH REPORT In brief The COVID-19 pandemic has re-shaped demand across media companies with a drastic rise in consumption of on-demand content and in-home experiences. Before that, 2019 was the second-worst year for US movie ticket sales since 1995 while consumer appetite for watching premium content at home grows. Accenture is exploring what new experiences, ….  Read More

Word of Mouth Marketing

I was called for an interview one certain year. I applied for a business grant to help boost my business. One of the questions I was asked is to state how I will let customers know about my products and services. To answer the question, I listed a lot of strategies I will use to ….  Read More