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Arase Calls for Different Uniforms for Constabulary to Improve Police Image

Solomon Arase, the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, has suggested changes for the Special Police Constabulary to prevent harm to the image of the Nigeria Police Force. Arase proposed an overhaul, disbandment, or the adoption of a separate uniform for constables to distinguish them from regular police officers.


Arase took the position in a statement on Thursday by the PSC spokesperson, Ikechukwu Ani.


Arase expressed concerns about unethical practices within the Constabulary, such as extortion, which negatively impacts the reputation of the police.


The Police Service Commission, led by Arase, is in communication with the Inspector General of Police to address these issues and restructure the Constabulary's organization and operations.


The statement read: “The commission is already in contact with the Inspector General of Police on the need to overhaul the organisation and operations of the outfit. There have been several reports of unprofessional conduct by officers of the outfit, a quasi-police formation created to assist in community policing.



“Reports of their unprofessional conduct range from highhandedness in dealing with citizens and barefaced extortion on our roads and communities. The commission calls for an entirely different set of uniforms for officers of the outfit that should be easily differentiated from that of the regular police officers. “


This, it noted, will help to track appropriately the conduct of men of the outfit and that of the regular police officers and free the Nigeria Police Force from blame associated with the misconduct of men of the outfit. The commission further calls for the disbandment of the outfit in states where they are not salaried and taken care of.”


The PSC said it was wrong for states to set up security outfits and not fund them.


“The commission has observed that these set of men have descended on innocent Nigerians for their daily upkeep through forceful extortion and intimidation.


“The chairman of the commission, Dr Solomon Arase, retired Inspector General of Police, said the commission will work with the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force to sanitise the organisation and operations of the outfit. Dr Arase said there is an urgent need to differentiate the special constabulary from regular police officers and clearly define their operations, including uniforms and rules of engagement.”