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Bauchi State Governor Domesticates Child Rights Act, Signs Landmark 2024 Budget for Social Advancement

In a monumental stride towards safeguarding the rights of children, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has officially authorised the Child Rights Law, titled "Rights of the Child in Bauchi State and Other Related Matters 2023." This strategic move not only marks the ratification of the bill but also heralds the domestication of the Bauchi State Orphans and Vulnerable Children Law, aligning it with the national standard set by the Child Right Act of 2020 within Bauchi State.


This groundbreaking action places Bauchi among the forefront states championing the protection and promotion of children's rights, with only 10 states awaiting similar enactments.



A pivotal highlight of this legislative session is Governor Mohammed's official endorsement of the 2024 budget, aptly named the "Budget of Consolidation and Renewed Focus." Presented before the Assembly on November 30, 2023, this budget allocates a recurrent expenditure of N121.34 billion (40.4%) and a capital expenditure of N178.88 billion (59.6%). Notably, the 2024 budget reflects a significant upswing of 48.2% compared to the previous year, attributed to amplified revenue resulting from subsidy removal and inflationary pressures linked to the depreciation of the local currency.



Governor Mohammed's legislative commitment extends beyond financial matters, with his endorsement of several crucial bills. Noteworthy among these are legislations establishing the Bauchi State Urban Water and Sewerage Corporation, Small Towns and Sanitation Agency, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency, and Water Services Regulatory Commission.


In additional developments, the Governor attributed the budget surge to subsidy removal and inflationary trends driven by currency fluctuations, impacting economic growth. Concurrently, the Governor greenlit legislation establishing vital water-related agencies, reaffirming Bauchi's dedication to enhancing water services across the state. Emphasizing a proactive legislative agenda, the ratified bills underscore the commitment to addressing societal needs and promoting the welfare of vulnerable populations.