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SkyDNews Report: Bauchi Gov Applauds Local Hunters and Vigilantes for Tackling Insecurity

Bauchi State Governor, Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, has commended local hunters and vigilantes for their bold efforts in confronting banditry and reducing kidnapping cases across the state. The Governor, recognizing their courage and dedication, announced a substantial donation of N100 million as a token of appreciation for their outstanding performance.  


During the visit of the joint local security vigilantes to the Government House, Bauchi, led by Commander General Aliyu Umar Shayi, Governor Mohammed expressed his gratitude and urged the group to utilize the funds for acquiring necessary materials and equipment that would enhance their operational capabilities. Emphasizing the importance of their role, he reiterated that the donation aims to support them in ensuring the safety and security of the state.



Governor Mohammed highlighted the positive impact of the vigilante groups on maintaining peace, attracting investors, and fostering a conducive environment for economic development. He affirmed the government's commitment to sustaining the partnership and providing continuous support to all security agencies, including the vigilantes. "As the Government, we are ready to sustain our partnership and support to all the security agencies as well as the vigilantes to complement the efforts and unwavering commitment of our administration in the area of security," stated the Governor. He reassured that the government would continue supporting security agencies and directed the newly established Ministry of Internal Security to focus on developing effective security strategies.


Commander General Aliyu Umar Shayi, representing over 70,000 vigilante groups across the state, acknowledged the Governor's support and highlighted the collaborative efforts in recruiting over 20,000 youths into the vigilante and youth empowerment agency. This initiative aims to strengthen cooperation with conventional security agencies and enhance overall security and peace in Bauchi State.