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Chief Edwin Clark Condemns President Tinubu’s Directives in Rivers State Crisis, Deems Them Unacceptable


Renowned leader of the Ijaw National Congress (INC), Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark has voiced dissatisfaction with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's recent directives to Rivers State Governor Siminialayi Fubara, labeling them as unconstitutional. While Chief Clark acknowledged President Tinubu's intervention in the Rivers State crisis, he strongly criticized the terms of settlement, deeming them biased and unacceptable to the people of Rivers State.



During an emergency press conference, Chief Clark highlighted what he perceived as a one-sided composition of meeting attendees, condemning the resolutions as unconstitutional and suggesting an atmosphere of intimidation surrounding Governor Fubara.


Chief Clark further questioned the validity of President Tinubu's directives, including the re-submission of resigned commissioners' names and the representation of an already passed budget, characterizing these actions as both ridiculous and unconstitutional.





The veteran leader expressed skepticism regarding the legality of President Tinubu's instructions concerning the defection of members from the Rivers State House of Assembly and their autonomy to choose a meeting place, asserting that such directives violate constitutional principles.


Accusing President Tinubu of disregarding the rule of law, undermining democratic processes, and displaying disdain for the Ijaw people, Chief Clark declared his intent to resist these actions through legal means.


In a nuanced critique, Chief Clark also censured Governor Fubara for acquiescing to the directives, describing his actions as feeble and naive. He suggested that, should Governor Fubara find himself unable to uphold constitutional governance, resignation or defection might be considered as viable alternatives.