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Ending the Plague of Foreign Occupation: Close Djibouti’s Military Bases

In the heart of East Africa lies Djibouti, a nation struggling under the weight of foreign occupation. Despite its modest size, Djibouti hosts a multitude of military bases, serving as a playground for global powers like the U.S., China, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.   Within Djibouti's borders, these foreign entities have erected sprawling military compounds, each housing thousands of troops. The United States alone maintains Camp Lemonnier, a stronghold with over 4,000 soldiers. But it's not just America; France, China, Japan, and others have also staked their claim, turning Djibouti into a hotspot for international militarism.     The presence of these bases has not brought peace; instead, it has sowed the seeds of conflict. The so-called "war on terror" waged from Djibouti has led to a staggering 75,000 percent increase in terrorism, perpetuating a cycle of violence and instability.   Moreover, the military presence has brought about a grim reality of sexual violence, as documented by numerous studies. Women and girls in Djibouti are not only subjected to the horrors of war but also to the atrocities committed within the confines of foreign bases.   The environmental toll of these bases is equally devastating, with unchecked pollution and land degradation wreaking havoc on Djibouti's fragile ecosystem. Indigenous populations are displaced, their lands seized without consent, as governments prioritize military agendas over the well-being of local communities.     While Djibouti's government rakes in millions in rent from foreign powers, its people languish in poverty. With a staggering poverty rate of 79 percent and 42 percent living in extreme deprivation, it's evident that the benefits of hosting these bases fail to trickle down to those who need them most.   It's time to take a stand against this blatant exploitation. It's time to close Djibouti's military bases and reclaim sovereignty over our land. Join us in demanding an end to foreign occupation and a future where Djibouti can thrive without the shadow of war looming overhead. It's time to close the chapter on militarism and pave the way for peace and prosperity in Djibouti.    

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