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Are you passionate about storytelling and uncovering local stories? SkyDNews is inviting you to be our eyes and ears on the ground! Be a Street/Community Reporter and transform everyday occurrences into captivating stories for the world to read.

How to Contribute:


  • Observe Your Surroundings: Keep a keen eye on events, incidents, and interesting situations unfolding around you in your community.
  • Craft Your Story: Turn your observations into engaging stories. Uncover the human element, the drama, and the uniqueness that makes your community special.

  Submit Details: Email: Send your stories and details to


WhatsApp: Share your findings via WhatsApp to +2348027144923.


Call/Text: Feel free to call or text your story to +2348101529000. Send your & Adverts for a wider coverage to:



Why Join SkyDNews as a Community Reporter?


Global Reach: Your stories will be featured on SkyDNews, reaching a global audience eager to learn about the realities of different communities.


Amplify Local Voices: Give your community a voice by shedding light on its stories, issues, and achievements.


Be Part of Something Bigger: Join a community of reporters contributing to a platform that values authentic, community-driven storytelling.


Become a SkyDNews Community Reporter today and share the stories that matter from your perspective!