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SkyDNews Report: Zaar Group, ISOZI Urges Swift Approval for Gungzaar-Select Komo, Applauds Governor Bala’s Progressive Vision

December 23, 2023


In a recent press statement titled "Move by Governor Bala Mohammed on Synergy with Traditional Institution towards Human Capacity Development,” Minigom Ayuba, President of the Zaar/Sayawa Socio-Cultural organization, International Society of Zaar Intellectuals (ISOZI), reiterated the group's steadfast support for the Gungzaar-select, retired Air Commodore Ishaku Komo. The statement urged Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state to expedite the approval process for Komo's appointment, emphasizing the significant role it could play in fostering peace and tranquility in the region.  


ISOZI, recognized for its commitment to peaceful coexistence and social justice, underscored the importance of Governor Bala Mohammed's swift approval of Air Commodore Ishaku Komo as the substantive Gungzaar. Ayuba highlighted Komo's decade-long position-in-waiting, emphasizing the positive impact his appointment would have on the political and economic landscape of the state.  


The statement acknowledged the potential challenges faced by the Governor in navigating the political landscape and urged him to remain vigilant against elements attempting to undermine his progressive agenda.



"The Governor should, while using his discretion, understand that certain elements within and outside his domain might be trying to sabotage his efforts on his progressive agenda towards utilizing the traditional institution within the state by imposing their selfish motives," noted ISOZI.  



Expressing hopes for Governor Bala Mohammed's success in advancing his agenda for Bauchi state, ISOZI encouraged citizens to continue supporting his positive policies. The group commended the Governor's focus on leveraging the state's rich cultural heritage for human capacity development, considering it a timely and commendable advocacy.  



ISOZI's President, Minigom Ayuba, stressed the importance of traditional leaders as custodians of cultures and traditions. He lamented the historical weakening of traditional institutions through colonialism and subsequent politicization, drawing attention to the challenges faced by traditional leaders in the current democratic era.  



He stated, "The relevance of traditional institutions on every Nigerian cannot be overemphasized, adding that everyone traces his or her root to a family clan, society, and traditional jurisdiction." Ayuba emphasized the critical role traditional institutions play in the transformation of human lives, urging a renewed focus on their preservation and effectiveness in contemporary society.