The Future Home in the 5G Era


As the global pandemic has demonstrated, your home has become a new digital hub as important as your mobile device. The Future Home in the 5G Era provides a look into the window of how consumer lives will change tomorrow and a roadmap for companies to make 5G hyper-connected living a reality when we need it most.

It shows how the Future Home – enabled by 5G, cloud, security, AI, edge computing, eSIM and more – can provide consumers personalized services for remote-work from home, distance learning, healthcare, immersive entertainment and advanced aging care, while also yielding economic success for businesses.

The Future Home’s powerful services ecosystem will be a quantum leap from today’s fragmented smart home technology, effectively extending the boundaries of the home even beyond the traditional bounds of the physical, to ultimately make consumers feel ‘at home’ anywhere.

What People Are Saying About it:

The Future Home in the 5G Era will harmonize network connectivity, devices, platform solutions and data to seamlessly predict customer needs and extend the boundaries of where we live, making us feel at home anywhere.

— Jefferson Wang, Managing Director, Global 5G Offering Co-Lead, Technology Strategy & Advisory at Accenture

The trend toward integrating home, work, care, play and other needs into a new digital lifestyle under one roof is making the demand for the Future Home greater than ever; as is the need to safeguard its construction and dwellers.

— Boris Maurer, Managing Director, Communications & Media Industry Lead for Europe at Accenture



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